• if i am to love
    i would love the warmth you offer
    and your sighs that gets me doing things..
    i would love your flimsy ‘xcuses
    they make me believe
    you believe in deceit
    i would love your new otukwu hairstyle
    that gets those male folks
    at Isingwu gazing..
    i would love your already-faded mkpuru oka
    and how you combine it with white….with black
    anything, to match.
    i would love the way you lit the mpanaaka
    to sit innocently on nwaanyi noduluokwu
    to prepare dinner.
    i would love how you place the water pot on your head, and dash out to Iyi Agbaani..
    to fetch water.
    i would love everything,
    everything, even you. But no, not!

Just take

my lines intentional.


Ezeanochie JohnBosco

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